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San Mateo County: Board to consider curfew for San Carlos Airport

Mercurynews Mar 7: …Menlo Park and Los Altos, who complained about noise from……curfew for flights (illustration) in and out of San Carlos Airport (more…)

Hundreds turned away at first town hall with U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna

Lavozdeanza Mar 6: Marna Schwartz, a Los Altos resident, along with a note taker, encouraged the audience downstairs to participate in a group dialogue she called “structure conversation” as they waited for Khanna to come.…we have to respect each other” and tensions dropped illustration:… (more…)

Saratoga news briefs 2/24

Mercurynews Mar 6: Another meeting is scheduled for 9:30 in the morning to noon Feb. 28 at the Garden Property four hundred University Ave., Los Altos. (more…)

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Los Altos (Block5)

Ro Khanna’s first town hall meeting turns into ‘democracy in action’

Politics – Eastbaytimes Mar 9: Marna Schwartz of Los Altos commented she saw “a lot of people, a lot of energy, a lot of passion” in the lobby as people chatted with their neighbors, but there was no structure. (more…)

A computer fix reverses Paly swimming decision to win

Paloaltoonline Mar 7: Palo Alto had a little easier time of it at the Los Altos CC, with all 6 golfers within 5 strokes of each other in a 197-224 win over Los Altos. (more…)

Paly's Zhao swims state qualifying mark in breaststroke

Paloaltoonline Mar 4: The Vikings struck out down Los Altos, 14-1, and the Titans topped Pioneer, 15-1. (more…)

Los Gatos: McLean, Rosas, Escudero, Wiley win league wrestling titles

Mercurynews Feb 16: Wiley, 3rd a year ago at 285 pounds, cruised to the title at 220 pounds this season, winning by fall at 3:44 against Alex Daw of Palo Alto and at 3:00 against Jamie Bennett of Los Altos before beating Steven Quintana-Guerre of Fremont in an 8-… (more…)


Los Altos (Block6)

Inside Los Altos, California with Dawn Thomas

Youtube: NEIGHBORHOODS OF LOS ALTOS, CA : 1. Central Los Altos Central Los Altos is a quiet neighborhood with broad streets, lush lawns and a tall, mature tree …